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Dear Visitor,

The general aim of reform of the administrative system of Montenegro is the improvement of the living and working conditions of its citizens and a more efficient satisfaction of their needs.

Every reform is based above all on the professionalism and efficiency of people working in a certain system, who represent the main substratum i.e.  "capital" of the very system. In this context, a new authority was established in the state administration system of Montenegro in 2004 – the Human Resources Management Authority.

The main functions i.e. competencies of this state authority are aimed at management and development of human resources in the Montenegrin state administration authorities, as well as the maintenance of a personnel information system for human resources management and development in these authorities.
Considering the above mentioned principal functions of the Human Resources Management Authority and the objectives of the public administration reform of this country,  it can be said that the general mission of the Human Resources Management Authority is the improvement and promotion of the human resources management system in state authorities, as well as an increase of professional capacity of their personnel.

A higher level of qualification of the personnel is an essential prerequisite for our state administration authorities to effectively deal with all challenges that await this country in its efforts to improve the living and working conditions of its citizens and to join the contemporary European and global economic and developmental trends.

Recognizing the significance of its function, the Human Resources Management Authority set as its most important task the provision of conditions for modern human resources management in state authorities and their permanent development in accordance with the principal European standards in this domain.

On this occasion we would like to thank you for your interest in the activities of the Human Resources Management Authority and we hope that our web site will offer you useful information on our work and activities.


With best regards,
Svetlana Vuković